Pergo Flooring Prices

Pergo Flooring PricesStarting as a manufacturer of countertops, Pergo created the first line of laminate flooring 30 years ago and, since then, expanded to hardwood products in the U.S. market in 2004. Nevertheless, Pergo is associated with high-quality laminate flooring, which has been modified over the years to appear more visually and texturally realistic.

Pergo's laminate lines emulate natural hardwood, stone, or tile and have top-notch scratch and stain resistance. While products look like natural hardwood, Pergo's lines mimic the contours of wood grain for realistic textures. At the same time, Pergo laminate flooring is designed with patented surface protection. As a result, Pergo laminate flooring will not stain or fade, is easy to maintain, and will not trap dirt and dust.

With a click lock mechanism, Pergo laminate flooring is floated over an existing hard floor or subfloor in installation. Planks are simply rotated into place, and no staples, nails, or glue is needed.

Pergo lines vary in quality, with the popular Accolade Collection, the top-selling laminate product in the U.S., having a 25-year warranty and the Everyday line having a 15-year warranty. In general, high-quality laminate flooring costs a dollar less per square foot than domestic natural hardwoods, and Pergo is no different. Pergo flooring prices, naturally, are going to be lesser than those for hardwood, but some of the brand's lines may cost lower.

Pergo Flooring Prices

In installing laminate, the estimated cost per square foot of Pergo flooring is the bulk of the overall price. Click lock products are the easiest do-it-yourself flooring, and because Pergo needs neither glue nor fasteners, the overall cost is low. If you do have a professional come in to install your Pergo floor, other factors will be factored into the total cost: floor preparation is, on average, $60 per hour, underlayment is needed for some lines, a moisture barrier and borders will need to be installed, sound control may be an option, and removal and disposal of previous materials may also be included.